Ohh Boy

 Hey there . Okay, I dont do the point things in my post today . These couple weeks, I've met a gentle awesome boy . I love the way he treats me . He's so awesome I tell yaa . Plus, he loves to gave me songs . Oh my . I bet yall' might jealous with me right . Haha . Im MELTINGGG I guess . Fulamakk . This post creadit to - Uzhair Rui ♥ 

Nape lah aku mimpi kau malam tadi ? Ohh gosh . Is theres something that you wanna show me ? Bring it on . Yeah Imma in a process to forget him baby but I have your pictures everyday in my pocket . How can I forget yaa ? And the best way is, BURN all the picturess :D Jyeahh

Yeayy today we're going to jogging at Tasikk . Hoorayy . And this time, Syafiqah's following us . Ohh yeahh cheers .

Okey, hari nie saye buat tiga cerita dalam satu post . Cool yeahh . Malas nak buat post banyak-banyak . Al maklumlah, tahun nie nak PMR takkan tak sedar diri lagi . Nak kena sambor petir kaa ? Haha . Toodles