First and second video that I put in here. Two cover songs from me, for the first time.


Insecurity. Everybody feels insecure. Yes everybody does. It a lie if there's somebody said that they don't feel this way. Have you ever accidentally met a girl that is prettier than you and this what you say "God, she's prettier than me. She must be the ''wanted'' girl ever. How I wish I'm prettier too."? I guess you have. Yeah I admit, I said that too. Like a thousand times. I feel insecure with those girls who's prettier, flawless, gorgeous, beautiful than me. But have you ever think? Have you ever think that everyone have their own special features. As everytime we sigh about insecurity, think. Don't let ''insecurity'' brings you down. Don't let them destroys you, your life. Don't let ''insecurity'' conquer your life, your style, your appearance. You know, everyone is beautiful. Everyone can be beautiful. But have a beautiful face didn't mean that you can hurt everyone's feelings. We, as human being have to take care of each others. Don't let the ''beautiful'' destroys you, your heart, your pride. You know, you must get up for who you are. Have that strength in life. Life isn't complicated. People are. People make it complicated. People compared us sometimes, people judge us sometimes. But by judging and comparing doesn't make you any perfect. Remember.

Loves; the writer,
TyaKhairy X


I'm afraid. I'm too afraid. Afraid? What am I afraid of? Hmm. Falling. Yes, I'm afraid of falling. Especially, falling in love. That is what I'm afraid about. You know I lose trust on peoples around. I'm afraid that if I FALL, nobody will CATCH me. Did you think the same way as I think? Let say, when we deeply, madly, deadly falling in love with someone, did that someone will feel the same as we do? Maybe yes. And maybe no. It depends. You know, people have different feelings. They might choose the different way than we do. Did you know that you will hurt yourself if you keep thinking of that someone? Did you know when you set your hopes too high and you're not able to grasp it you will feel useless, no point for you to live and you will feel horrible? You know what, you are meant to be with your partner. They will love you. You will love them. You are not meant to be ALONE. Come on, believe in yourself. You got so many things to do to cheer and to get yourself back up again. You must know that you're brilliant because you can fade the scars away. If I believe, why don't you? Keep yourself for someone who you really belong. You're priceless and that's why you're not belong to those useless creature cause their goals is to hurt you. Hold my words. Be strong! :-)

Much love; the writer,
Tya X

Blissful Dreams

I've been dreaming. Dreaming that I'm his beloved. Dreaming that he's mine. Dreaming that we're together. Dreaming that we would shares our hobbies together. Dreaming that we will hear and sing a song together. Dreaming that we're gonna be just perfect. Dreaming that I'm in your arms. Dreaming that I'll always in your heart. Dreaming that our love will last long. Dreaming that we'll be together till' the end of breathing. But silly, I know that it is just a dream. A dream that won't came true. A dream that fools me. A dream that fools my feelings. A dream that can't never ever ever I'll grasp. Never. As I live a normal life like everybody does, I want to be-loved. I need someone to loved. I need someone that we can shares our memories together. I need someone that can hear me even whatever I'm talking about. I need someone that we can shares laughters, happiness, sadness and all. Yes, I want that all. I don't know whether it is too quick for me to have those or I will never have those. I just....I don't know. But I believe that someday, all those thing will be mine. Yes it will. You know why? You're that one guy who attract me. You're that one guy that open my heart. You're that one guy that dare to enter my heart. You're that one guy that brave enough to steal my heart. You're that one guy who I've been dreaming. You're that one guy that bring something new to my life. You're that one guy that teach me about ''love''. You're that one guy who have the key of my happiness. You're that one guy that I've been looking for. You're that one guy that no one can replace. You are my only one. Yes, you are my only one. I swear. Yes, I swear.

Loves; the writer,
TyaKhairy X

4 Letters.

Have you hear the word ''love''? Well of course you do. ''Love'', it is build with 4 letters that comes together until it become a words. To me, it is just a word with 4 letters and there's nothing special about it....until I find someone....and until I know what it is all about. People nowadays make ''love'' as nothing. Easy to throw away. That is cruel. They ''love'' with not their heart but they plays with it. They play with ''love'' and also ''heart''. It is bad. You know what, we only have one heart. Imagine that our heart is full of scars, bleeds everywhere. With what we're going to replace it? Stone? So there will no scars stick to it? Damn fool. Eventhough there's someone who can cure the scars and make you forget the past, your sadness and all, but there's nothing to do to get such a beautiful heart with no impact at all. Think yourself, imagine; take a piece of paper and cut them into a ''love'' shape. Then, crumple it as the meaning that you're hurt. Open it back, there's a scars right? Eventhough you trynna fix it back to it's original shape, the scar's still there right? Yes. That's what I talk about. ''Loving'' ''appreciation'' ''give and take'' ''taking care'' ''accepting'' ''forgiving'' that's all you need. That's all you need to have a true ''love'' Just that's all. Love someone, with all your heart. Don't force yourself. Try to understands each other. Don't lie. ''Bored'', don't ever have this words with your partner. And it's all going to be perfect. Believe me. God has create someone for us to live together. Maybe you still searching for it and maybe you still don't have it. And yes, maybe next time; you'll find..

Regards; the writer,
TyaKhairy :}