4 Letters.

Have you hear the word ''love''? Well of course you do. ''Love'', it is build with 4 letters that comes together until it become a words. To me, it is just a word with 4 letters and there's nothing special about it....until I find someone....and until I know what it is all about. People nowadays make ''love'' as nothing. Easy to throw away. That is cruel. They ''love'' with not their heart but they plays with it. They play with ''love'' and also ''heart''. It is bad. You know what, we only have one heart. Imagine that our heart is full of scars, bleeds everywhere. With what we're going to replace it? Stone? So there will no scars stick to it? Damn fool. Eventhough there's someone who can cure the scars and make you forget the past, your sadness and all, but there's nothing to do to get such a beautiful heart with no impact at all. Think yourself, imagine; take a piece of paper and cut them into a ''love'' shape. Then, crumple it as the meaning that you're hurt. Open it back, there's a scars right? Eventhough you trynna fix it back to it's original shape, the scar's still there right? Yes. That's what I talk about. ''Loving'' ''appreciation'' ''give and take'' ''taking care'' ''accepting'' ''forgiving'' that's all you need. That's all you need to have a true ''love'' Just that's all. Love someone, with all your heart. Don't force yourself. Try to understands each other. Don't lie. ''Bored'', don't ever have this words with your partner. And it's all going to be perfect. Believe me. God has create someone for us to live together. Maybe you still searching for it and maybe you still don't have it. And yes, maybe next time; you'll find..

Regards; the writer,
TyaKhairy :}