Heart? Love? Sounds same but different. Everybody have heart, everybody have the feeling of love. But only the one who really meant and appreciate it will get the true love that come from someone's  heart. Sincere and loyalty too. Everybody have the right to fall to someone, yes everybody does. Love; it can change us to be meant and it can bring us to the right path or ways in life. But love; can also bring us to wrong ways and drown, finally. Bad thing can happen, we've changed. We didn't even remember what's the meaning of 'love' anymore. Sadly, people nowadays gives love a bad name. Tears everywhere. Scars everywhere. Well, it's hard to find someone who really understand about 'love'. Once mistakes, forever regret. I've heard people said that ''If you wanna get what you want, what you love, even you wanna have the one that you loved; you must work hard for it 'till you get 'em'' I'm sure that you've heard it too. Okay, it's true. But it's impossible too. How come can we change people's feelings? How come can we make that 'someone' love us? And how come? We can't change people's heart/feelings. Heart decide everything. We can't change 'em easily. And yes, it's IMPOSSIBLE. Whatever it is, we must work hard. If god wills, we will have it. Or we're not going to have 'em...I've seen so many people hurt because of love. Sometime I  feel like; 'love' ruins everything, like almost everything...That's why I'm scared to fall to someone...Yes, that's the reason why...But every sadness and happiness makes up memories that can't ever be forget. Whatever it is, we must move...Try something new and try to accept someone. Well, who knows that we can fix wrong things to right?

Regards; Tya :}