Don't Leave.

Did you ever miss someone that you know he didn't even missing you? Yes, everybody does. It hurts, a lot. We didn't know how to explain how much we miss that 'someone' but our hearts beats fast everytime we're thinking 'bout them. We can't hold on for too long, we might drown down even down down and down... But how come can we tell that 'someone' that we miss them like crazy? How? Yes, we have many ways to do so but it depends on us. If we were brave enough to start a move, it'll goes well. Or maybe not at all. Did you know how hurt we are being ignored by someone who we love? Yes, it feel like it's the end of life. Can you imagine, we miss 'em all days and night? All we do is checking out our phone whether there's a call or incoming texts... But most hurt when there none of them. None. Get it? NONE. We're like a stupid shit y'know. Our heart scream out loud but our mouth just keep shut. We have no moods at all. All we did is, thinking 'bout them. But what did they do? They're even happy without us in their life. We keep bleed our heart into the last pieces, but did they knew about it? Yes, they didn't know at all. Sometime I was thinking am I exist? Am I invisible 'till he can't even saw me at all? Where I am? Fantasy world? Dream world? Come on, I'm in the real life. Same as yours. But why? Why? Can you please tell me WHY? I cried for almost all of the shit things, I wasted every drop of my tears for those. And guess, you didn't even care at all. Well, I know who I am. I meant nothing to you. Yes, I know that. But please, I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss OUR conversations and the most, I MISS YOU... Yes, you. And now, you leave. You leave without words. You leave without 'goodbye'. You leave without left your smile for me. You leave...... For soooooooooooooooo long, I've tried the best to search you, and now I found you. At last, you start the conversation. But I know, it's a little bit awkward to you. But nevermind. You make me smile, again :} And that was the wonderful things evah. Please, I wish that you won't leave me, AGAIN. I beg....

Sincerely, the one who missed you;