I'm afraid. I'm too afraid. Afraid? What am I afraid of? Hmm. Falling. Yes, I'm afraid of falling. Especially, falling in love. That is what I'm afraid about. You know I lose trust on peoples around. I'm afraid that if I FALL, nobody will CATCH me. Did you think the same way as I think? Let say, when we deeply, madly, deadly falling in love with someone, did that someone will feel the same as we do? Maybe yes. And maybe no. It depends. You know, people have different feelings. They might choose the different way than we do. Did you know that you will hurt yourself if you keep thinking of that someone? Did you know when you set your hopes too high and you're not able to grasp it you will feel useless, no point for you to live and you will feel horrible? You know what, you are meant to be with your partner. They will love you. You will love them. You are not meant to be ALONE. Come on, believe in yourself. You got so many things to do to cheer and to get yourself back up again. You must know that you're brilliant because you can fade the scars away. If I believe, why don't you? Keep yourself for someone who you really belong. You're priceless and that's why you're not belong to those useless creature cause their goals is to hurt you. Hold my words. Be strong! :-)

Much love; the writer,
Tya X