Insecurity. Everybody feels insecure. Yes everybody does. It a lie if there's somebody said that they don't feel this way. Have you ever accidentally met a girl that is prettier than you and this what you say "God, she's prettier than me. She must be the ''wanted'' girl ever. How I wish I'm prettier too."? I guess you have. Yeah I admit, I said that too. Like a thousand times. I feel insecure with those girls who's prettier, flawless, gorgeous, beautiful than me. But have you ever think? Have you ever think that everyone have their own special features. As everytime we sigh about insecurity, think. Don't let ''insecurity'' brings you down. Don't let them destroys you, your life. Don't let ''insecurity'' conquer your life, your style, your appearance. You know, everyone is beautiful. Everyone can be beautiful. But have a beautiful face didn't mean that you can hurt everyone's feelings. We, as human being have to take care of each others. Don't let the ''beautiful'' destroys you, your heart, your pride. You know, you must get up for who you are. Have that strength in life. Life isn't complicated. People are. People make it complicated. People compared us sometimes, people judge us sometimes. But by judging and comparing doesn't make you any perfect. Remember.

Loves; the writer,
TyaKhairy X