Mean It

Hey, everybody had fell in love right ? For sure, yes . And so, everybody had a bad or maybe a wonderful momories with their partner . Sometime, bad will turn to wonderful and wonderful will turn to worst . Whatever that happen, we must solve it together . Everybody had their ego level, but please put it away . By that, it will make the relationship even longer . I had fell in love like all of ya' too . But it all worst . I have a question to all teenage boy in this world . I really wanna know . Why all boy didn't know what the girls want ? Are they all losing their mind or something ? Stupid . Didn't they know that girls love the most when boys hug her when she punch you, tolerate her crying over love stories, hug her from behind, grab her hand when you walk next to each other, wrap your arm around her, cuddle with her, dont force her to do anything, write little notes, comfort her when she cries, love her with all your heart, says I loveyou and MEAN it . Hey boys, you know what ? A simple ''bye'' can make she cry, a simple ''joke'' can make she laugh and a simple ''care'' can make she fall in love with you . After you  guys read this, I hope you'll try to do the best thing . Never ever cheated her, you might regret for what you've done . Lastly, everybody calls you by your name, but only one person make it sound special