Here i am, in my living hall . Infront of this lappy while hearing fallin in love - mcfly . Hey, its awesome great yaw . Has been long time im hearing this song actually :) My friend gave it to me . He said that this songs suit people who are falling for someone . So, think of yourself :D Semestinya aku tengah layan perasaan ni ^^ Talking about this, theres something that i wanna share to you . Im fallin to this guy yeah . Hikhik ^^ I know him since .... em when it is ? Ohmy i forgot it already . Haha never mind . He's damn nice truly . Gentle, understanding and everything was great about him :) But i didn't know whether he's taken or not . If he was taken by someone, i hope their relationship will last forever, may god bless them :') Thats okay,im just fine . I promise that i will ignore him if that so . The fallin in love - mcfly songs was now turn to please be mine - Jonas Brother . Auwhh, sadness :'(