Do you believe in hysteria thingy ? nahh . I'm not hundred percent with it . harhar . it has been two days hysteria's haunting in my class . i didn't know whether its true or she just making a fool damn horror story --'' err . i think she just pretending , even our teacher's tired of it , seriously man . pfftt . she said*the girl who hit by hysteria* if our teacher get angry , then the ghost or something like jembalang will came . damn , I'm not believe it . Hey , this morning , when we're in class studying Bahasa Melayu , she suddenly crying . aww man . I'm sick of it , and when we're about to go home , she gives some advice --'' and truly I'm not listening cause i hate it . Harharhar . I can't imagine if I get hit by the hysteria . It must be like crazy :D