J' To The O' To The K' To The E'

p/s : my face looks like a hyena

Hey there people, here are attention . Please read carefully for your knowing . Have you take look at my relationship status on facebook ? You do ? Not ? Okay whatever freaks . Haha . Okay now, the relationship status is only a joke . There's nothing between us lah sayang . We're just friends . Trust me . Seriously I'm not lying . Muka saya muka suci, takkan berani menipu kott . Bhahaha :D Tak payah la suci sangat kan . Now, lets change our topics . Eh I wonder, why most of bloggers didn't update their blog ? Haa, I miss to read their posting : / Yeah, tomorrow I'm going to Selayang . We're making our research *cewahh* to do the history folios thingy . The best part is, we're not going to school and at the evening we will go hanging out together . Yeayyy :D