When He's Fallin' Love

Here's some ways how boys starts fallin' love with girls :

  • When boys buy something new, then he'll say that it was beautiful as you do
  • He will take care of yaa and wanna share everything with you
  • He will texting all day long just only with you
  • He wanna know you more further
  • He starts asking you to go hanging out
  • He'll ask you you're not texting with your boyfie ? even he knows you don't have a boyfie
  • He'll says that you are the most prettiest and you just perfect the way you are
  • He'll make a song for you
  • When you loves purple colour then he'll said that you have the similarity as he do
  • He's start to says iloveyou 
  • He'll says that he likes you wear the way you love
  • He'll support you in everything that you do
  • He'll ask you to cook his favourite food for him
  • He'll says to you that he miss you when you're not texting him whole day
  • He'll give advice for you
  • He'll share his favourite song with you cause he wanna sing along with you

If you were in this condition, that means he's truly fallin with you girls . So, you have to know him moreee closer and make a good decision whether to choose him or not . I hate when girls been cheated with the useless boys . But pleasee, don't ever make a mistakes, you might cried someday . 

                                                                        Lot of advice, NurFatihahKhairy