Okay Im Not Lying, I Need Someone

All of us need someone in our life . Allah of course and so does family and friends . Other than that, we didn't realize that we totally need someone to judge ourself and to be the special one in our heart . We need boyfriend cause 

  • To share our problems and happiness together with him
  • To be-loved
  • To feel appreciated
  • To bring light in our life
  • To get true love
  • To motivated ourself to be a pretty good girl
  • To be more matured
  • To feels the wonderful thing of love
  • To test how far your love is
  • To always be besides us when we're needed
  • To calm us down when we're mad
  • To feel his love towards us
  • To experience ourself in love stuff

So I guess these are my reasons on why we need a boyfriend . Yes I know, we also does can live life without boyfriend too, but our life feels so uncompleted actually . Hey, I'm single and like I said before, I love someone