If I ..

If I have a boyfriend, I would ask him to

  • Not cheating me
  • Love me as deep as he can
  • Hates people that I hate
  • If he wanna break our relationship, make it easy . Front talk
  • If he not love me anymore, then tell me
  • Slow talk when there's a problem within us
  • Didn't ever hide our relationship even in family
  • Don't he dare to walk with any else girl 
  • Understands my situation
  • Know how to take my heart
  • Will cry for me if there's anything bad happens
  • Will be there for me if I'm sick
  • Make our relationship is the most sweetest ever
  • Make a song for me, and sing it infront of me
  • Be the first one who wake me up before my momma
  • He can be-friend with any girl that he want, but never ever forget me as his GIRLFRIEND
  • Be-friend with my friends
  • Hug me, make the crowd jealousy
  • Hunt for me if I'm lost
  • Be intelligence
  • Be romantic
  • Be maturely matured
  • Just be the way you are, your OWN attitude
  • LOVE me until die, PROVE it

Own word by Teha :) Have a nice read