Heart Decide Everything

What is love really is ?

  • Love is hard than we thought
  • Love is friendship set on fire
  • Love is the key that opens the gates of happiness
  • Love is like a war, its easy to begin but hard to end
  • A love songs is just a caress set to music
  • Love is a wonderful things that we must take good care of it
  • Love teach us to not giving-up
  • True love will stay forever
  • If you wanna know where your heart is, look to where it wanders
  • Love will not end-up with a happy ending, but sadness ending
  • Dont chase after love, let it come to us by itself
  • Searching might be good for us, but never made a mistakes

Breaking relationship

  • Never ever hurt ourself
  • Dont lose faith in people.
  • Do think positively. A positive state of mind will manifest into a positive outlook on life.
  • Dont listen to sad music. This will only make the wallowing worse.
  • Pick something that will lift your spirits
  • Dont contact your ex eventhough you still love him
  • Have some chill hangout with your friends
  • Everyone should have for a second chance, but remember ; not the third chance
  • We should have the strengthness in our heart
  • Pretending your smile infront of all would be the best reaction on the outside, but in your heart, its painful, most painful

So long, people. Have a nice read ;)