Thunder Storm ϟ

When the love begins,

  • Everything was wonderful
  • You think that he'll not leaving you
  • You trusted him
  • You think that he's your first and lasts
  • He made a promise to not cheating you
  • He said that he'll never bored as long you're on his side
  • You ignore your studies
  • Texting 24 hours
  • Went out with him
  • Love to stared at his eyes
  • You give all that you have to him
  • You ignore the advice
  • You trusted him more than your family

When the love's breaking-up

  • Everything was bad
  • You mad at him
  • You start to not trusted him
  • You cried all day long
  • You feel like it is the ending of your life
  • You not feeling well
  • You start to listens to all the advice
  • You regret for what you gave him
  • You think that all the boys in this world is useless
  • You're not using your phone

Own word by Teha Khairy ;)