The One And Only, You

I still remember my first love. It began when we're thirteen years old in 2009 Yeah, our relationship isn't go far. After the problems that we faced, we're breaking up. And we act like we didn't know each other. Yeah its hurt much. Eventhough you're ignoring me that time. But, my heart still with you. And I still hoping you to love me, again. The next year, 2010. We were still the same. Then, I brace up myself to start a conversation. Yeah, he only give a smile. Day past day, there's someone who helping us to get back together. And in October, we start our relationship for twice time :) I do love him damn much. And then, we start to go out together. I still remember that day, the first time you hold my hands. And about February 2011, there's a misunderstanding between us. Blablbla. We broke up. That was the worst moment in mah life. Seriously. I won't lie to myself that I still love you that time. But I think theres no chance for us to get back together. Now, you have your own life and you also have a girlfriend. So do I :) If I had do something bad towards you, Im so sorry. I hope you'll forgive me and I hope you'll forget me. Thanks for everything ;)