Light A Way

Yoo peoples. Sorry for not updating frequently. A lil' bit busy. So I'm here today, gonna tell you a love story. I'm pretty sure that you'll love it, count on me

All of ya' had faced this kinda things right. So, we share our moment together here :)

This is about one of my friends, that been left by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was hitted on a roadway actually. It began when they met each other at their school. They were friends and then they fall to each other. They started their relationship when they was 15. They were great together. Or else, a perfect match. So many troubles that they've faced, but they were still together. Nothing can separated them. They often met either at school or outta school. They shared their happiness and also their sadness together. After a year, they were still together as a couple. Day past day, their love is getting deeper. They promised to themselves to not cheating or leaving each other. One day, her boyfriend keep asking whether she still love him or not. The girl told her boyfriend that '' I love you, and I will love you forever. I hold my words, trust me '' then, her boyfriend replied her messages '' I hope so. And I love you too. Please don't leave me, even I'm not besides you anymore '' She feel so unpleasant then she called her boyfriend for many times, but her boyfriend did not answered it. She thought that her boyfriend took some sleep after the rugby training. So, she ignored her feelings.  About 30 minutes later, she got a call from her boyfriend. But, it was not her boyfriend, it was his boyfriend's sister. His sister told her that her boyfriend was hitted on a roadway when he walked home from the training and now he in a critical condition. Both of 'em cried. A minutes later, she arrived at the hospital. Once she entered the hospital, she got a call for twice time. Her boyfriend's sister told her that her boyfriend was already gone. She cried then she quickly ran into his boyfriend's dead body. She cannot believed that it was the last time they met. She cried all day long. And now, it almost 4 months her boyfriend died. She often go to her boyfriend's grave, recite yassin and also doa. Her love towards him was so deep. That is what we call true love 

Sincerely, teha