The Reasons

I let you go cause ...

  • I wanna see you with her
  • I'm not the perfect one for you
  • You love her more than you love me
  • I meant nothing to you
  • You're only taking chance on me
  • You just wanna playing around with me
  • You hurt me all the time
  • You're in a relationship with someone else
  • You always comparing me to your ex
  • You ask me to understands you. Yes I do understand you, and now what?
  • You think I'm your puppet or something ? Too easy to left ? 
  • When you're alone, you find me. What guy are you ?
  • I don't simply gives my 'pride'. Hey, Imma not that kind of gal yoo
  • You've 'tasted' you ex, then you wanna 'tasted' mine ? Fuck yourself 
  • You're not appreciating me

Have a nice read. It just a note to myself and now, I wanna share with you - Teha