Bless Me

Hey guys. Today was the second day of schooling session. Quite tired, quite dizzy cause of the weather and quite not feeling so well. I actually didn't know what had happened to me. Ahh forget it. I was hoping that I'll not stressed myself up this year but it turn upside down. Ugh, what a life. As you know, me and my friend were all not in the same class. And the worst part is, aku je seorang tercampak sesat kat mana entah. Classmate semua tak tahu kelas mana. Tapi, tu bukan halangan nak belajar. Kalau betul ada niat nak belajar, InsyaAllah berjaya tapi boleh ke aku handle seorang diri? Dalam kelas nak duduk dgn siapa? Seorang? Maybe. Tapi, ah takpe lah. Firstly, nama aku ada dalam dua kelas then cikgu suruh aku pilih nak masuk mana satu. So aku pun pilih lah kelas aku sekarang ni. Tapi sekarang belum start belajar lagi. And cikgu suruh pilih sama ada nak Sains Pertanian ataupun Physic. It's really tough to choose which subject that I want, y'know. Now I know that making decision isn't easy as I thought. Ahh please. For sure, no more playing around. Okay, so mulakan dengan Bismillah. I hope that everything will be just fine.

By the way, I'm not that hyperactive on blogging anymore. I'll update a new post once in two weeks, I guess.  And I know, post yang I buat semua dah bosan kaaaaann? Hahahaha.